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Laura Burhenn releases new 2-song single “Apples & Oranges”

The Washington, D.C. native has released a 2-song single featuring the lead “Apples & Oranges” and the second, “Good Medicine” under her own name.

Burhenn has worked under other monikers such as The Mynabirds and Georgie James, but this new material reminds me a lot of what she’s done in the past as a solo artist on Wanderlust, but shows tremendous growth as an artist.

Buy here: Apples & Oranges – Single by Laura Burhenn


New single, “Hit, Run” from Boston’s indie pop project, Photocomfort

From Boston’s incredible music scene, comes an artist with such a unique creative vision for music. Indie pop project, Photocomfort (Justine Bowe, ex-member of pop band, Magic Man), has released a new single, “Hit, Run.”

The track opens with solid electronics creating such ethereal and dream-like emotions. Bowe sings sweetly about an old relationship, demanding to escape, and be free to run.

“…get these golden handcuffs off me / get this piano off my back / I wanna run, I wanna run…”

Buy the single hereHit, Run – Single by Photocomfort

ALBUM REVIEW: Shemekia Copeland “Outskirts of Love”

Outskirts of LoveShemekia Copeland is one of the up and coming female stars of the blues genre and her latest release, Outskirts of Love, proves that she means business.

Copeland is a storyteller and on the opening track, “Outskirts of Love”, she sings about multiple characters in certain situations outside of love. She describes a woman still dressed to the nines in her wedding dress, waiting at a bus stop with her suitcase after pawning her wedding ring to a young girl waiting for her mother to be finished prostituting her herself to a man inside a hotel room.

The “Devil’s Hand” is your classic, blues jam — it showcases her soulful, more bluesy side of lyricism, vocals, and guitar. “Woke up early one morning / Saw the devil playin’ his hand / You know he wrecked my life / Just like a hurricane / When you’re playing with the devil / Don’t you know you’re playin’ a losin’ hand / ‘Cause cheatin’ is all that the devil understands / Please Mr. Devil / Go back where you belong…”
Copeland even brings country to her traditional blues sound on “Drivin’ Out of Nashville” where she sings about traveling to Nashville to become a huge music star and leaving music capital with “a body in the trunk.” It is definitely a different side of Copeland, definitely applaud her for trying something out of her comfort zone, but the blues are absolutely her genre, and where she most excels.