Month: July 2016

Relationships take work.

Every morning I wake up to the Elvis Duran show. This morning they were talking about relationships + people taking breaks. Not breaking up, just taking a “break.” They mentioned Lady Gaga + Taylor Kinney (Lancaster’s own!) taking a “break.”

A man called in + said that his wife wanted to take a break. There were kids involved. No rules, guidelines, or anything was set by the man + wife. He sounded sad, hurt, + disappointed.

If there’s anything I learned from my 9-year relationship ordeal, it’s that communication is  key. Any type of relationship, friendships or romantic relationships, need good, clear communication.

Friendships + relationships take work from both sides. It’s not a one-way street.

Another thing I’ve learned is not to be afraid to tell someone how you feel. Tomorrow is never guaranteed.

With you, however, I am afraid. Very afraid.



I’m honestly afraid for this country with the 2 candidates we have running for POTUS. The way the country + society is evolving with the hate, gun violence, racism, etc – this is not the country that I want to be a part of. Something has got to change, but how does one person actively change the nation, the world?
This is something that I’ve always been passionate about; making a difference, helping people, learning about + understanding others, being there for people when they need it, regardless of our relationship. So honestly, sitting here, wide awake at 4:30 am in the morning, how does one person effectively change the world?
In reference to my AWTR post, I do believe that people are initially good; however, our society + life interrupt that idea, + influence their behavior. People cheat, lie, steal, mislead, dishonest, murder, etc – humanity as a whole, I believe start off good, but then change over time into people that practice negative + bad behavior. Hence all of the issues surrounding the Presidential election + what’s currently going on in our nation.
So back to my original question… How do I, as one single person, change the world? Answer that.


Yet again, my INFJ ways have scared another person off. This personality that I was so incredibly blessed with [that’s sarcasm, btw] has always been a struggle [even before I learned why I am the way I am a few months ago] – I’ve always felt different, like an outsider, someone that didn’t belong, someone that was unlike the mass population.

My intentions with everything – and everyone [mostly] – have always been good. I’ve always had a penchant for putting others’ well-being + happiness first.

I need to learn how to just not care. I can compare the INFJ emotions, overthinking, + overanalyzing similar to the movie, God Almighty, when Bruce has the world’s prayers going through his mind at lightning speed. That’s me. Constantly.

It’s exhausting, overwhelming, + suffocating.

I can’t breathe.