More Life Changes.

So I’ve had some very big changes in my life since my last post that are going to make many things in the foreseeable future very difficult. 

With that said, I think I’ve been pretty proactive in trying to do all that I can to try to change the situation, make the best of it, and be positive. It sucks. It’s my fault, but it is what it is. I have a sort of peace, though, honestly. 

I have some time to focus on getting a social media and Google Analytics / AdWords certification, so I plan on trying to focus on doing that, too. 

I’m believer in God and I feel that He has a plan, but I just don’t know what that plan is. He just didn’t want me at FLS. He has a better plan for me. And things will work out the way He wants them too somehow. I just pray that it does soon. I am scared. A little. But I continue to pray.

I am so lucky to have supportive friends that love me. So very lucky.

I need to recognize that I have some friends too that are going through some difficult times too right now and that need to be prayed for, so please pray for them too, if you’re reading this. 

Hopefully things will work out. 


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