STARS / No One Is Lost Review

Stars – No One Is Lost (ATO)

Upon the first listen through, Stars’ latest record, No One Is Lost, is the epitome of an excellent indie pop rock record. With so many indie rock bands coming out of Canada, including Arcade Fire and Broken Social Scene, Stars is one of those bands that has been frequently overlooked and underrated.
The release of 2005’s Set Yourself on Fire, brought the band some critical and popular acclaim, and ultimately introduced their music to a thrall of indie rock music fans who had not heard such a unique sound before. On previous releases, Stars has been able to experiment and understand its unique sound; however, on No One Is Lost, the band illustrates that they understand their strengths and is able focus on them while also stepping outside of the box on the title track. As a result of this, No One Is Lost is probably the most completely satisfying Stars record to-date.
Compared to previous records, No One Is Lost seems to incorporate more elements of electronic dance music with catchy synth beats on both the opening and closing songs.
The record opens with “From The Night”, an electronic pop rock track that begins with co-lead vocalist and songwriter, Torquil Campbell, on vocals. About half way through the 6:30 opening track, the song changes tempos and leads into a catchy Latin-inspired beat.
“No Better Place” is the fifth track on the album that opens with a defining bass line and a catchy 80’s rock sound reminiscent of popular 80’s bands such as Tears For Fears. With exception to the first single, “From The Night,” the song “No Better Place” may be one of the best records on this album with its opening bass line and accompanying keyboards.
The title track is the most experimental on the album, as the band incorporates elements of electronic dance music into the song, with low-key synth dance beats.
Overall, Stars has really created a complete set of solid tracks on No One Is Lost. Check them out when they visit Philadelphia’s Union Transfer on November 12.


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