Blondfire | Young Heart Album Review

I recently completed an album review for Y-Not Radio for Blondfire’s latest release, Young Heart.

Read it below:

Blondfire Young Heart (Tender Tender Rush / INgrooves)

Last year, we were introduced to the brother-sister duo of Bruce and Erica Driscoll aka Blondfire, with the release of the Where The Kids Are EP. The EP’s four songs re-appear on their new, full-length album Young Heart, out this week.

With Young Heart, Blondfire has not strayed far from their original sweet, indie pop sound. Young Heart is composed of a balance of soft, cotton candy-sweet vocals, melodic guitars, and catchy guitar riffs that blends different sub-genres of indie pop into a musical journey similar to a 70’s daydream.

The opening title track is a dreamy, melodic tune focusing on the darker side of youth, surely to be a highlight for any indie pop enthusiast. They glide from a soft, dream state in the opening track to an upbeat, electro pop feel in the break out track, “Where The Kids Are.” Perhaps the biggest track is the upbeat “Walking With Giants,” which we first heard on last year’s EP, and is bursting with positivity and energy.

Songs like “Kites” and “Waves” have solid lyrics touching on the ups and downs of life: “Empires will crumble to the sand / All that you love can slip through your hand / But you must face the ocean once again / Follow the tides, wherever you’ve been.”

In some places, the record’s sound can be a little redundant, but overall, Young Heart, is solid from beginning to end, with the potential to help the band break out even further. It would be interesting to see what other elements and genres the band can incorporate into future releases to expand their sound.

Blondfire will be returning to Philly as a part of The Sounds tour on April 8 at Union Transfer.


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