Month: August 2013

What I Wouldn’t Do For Music

It is so late and I must be up by 7:45 tomorrow morning (or this morning), but I am in one of those moods where all I want to do is listen to music and discover new music. It’s the one thing that can undoubtedly make me happy and smile.
I am so excited for all the excellent shows coming up. Let’s see, we’ve got Alt-J on 09/17, Chvrches on 09/18, Washed Out + Haerts on 09/19, Local Natives + Wild Nothing on 09/23 + 09/28, Stars on 10/02, and Phantogram on 12/06. I just need to find a date to see The National. They are finally growing on me.
There’s something special about a great band or solo artist and the art of creating a fabulous, beautiful song. I’ll never be a musician, but I can truly appreciate the craft.