Month: June 2012

Smother us with words..

Hello all! Thank you for visiting my blog. This is blog will be covering a wide array of subjects from music and sports to cooking and reading.

My first entry I’d like to introduce you to a few awesome local bands out of the Central PA / Maryland scene.

First up is a band called Strange Fur. They are 5-piece based out of the Baltimore, Maryland area with a indie / folk sound all their own. I’ve sat and pondered what other bands could they potentially be compared to, but the only band I could come up with was Nickel Creek, and even then it may be a bit of a stretch. Their sound is a combination of soft, beautiful melodies of folk, americana, and singer-songwriter tendencies. But seriously, take a listen to them.

Another Pennsylvania-based band is the bluegrass band Coal Town Rounders out of Scranton, Pa. Their live show is absolutely engaging and full of energy. They are a band that leaves you wanting more of their music.

D.B. Cooper Experience is a different band all in themselves. I’ve tried to categorize them into a certain genre or style of music, but I cannot really think of something that represents their sound accurately. They are a 2-piece, drum and bass band based out of Harrisburg, PA comprised of lead vocalist and bassist Dan Lucas and drummer Brad Stackpole. Some will say that the most notable comparison would be to Primus, but come on.

“I suppose it is to be expected, but I think its a shortsighted comparison. It’s just a stigma associated with bass. But, in the end, I also know it is a compliment, and try to take it as such,” Lucas explains.

Lucas would like to think they have a sound all their own, but would liken the sound to a mixture of rock, jazz, and progressive.

Lucas’ main gig, Minshara (formerly A Public Betrayal), is a electronica pop/dance band also based out of the Central PA area. Minshara (yes, it is a Star Trek reference) is comprised of Lucas on bass, lead vocalist and guitarist Aaron Miller, guitarist Mike Villegas, and drummer Tony Kobel. You may recognize Miller from previous bands including as Sceva, the Midnight Drive, and A Utopian Skyline. Villegas was a member of ThenTheresMe, while Kobel was the drummer in Lennen and Faded Fortune.

For fans of danceable music, you will instantly become a fan of Minshara’s sound. I honestly have yet to come up with a band that even remotely reminds of them to give someone an idea of their sound. It’s catchy, danceable, polished, and solid. So, if anyone listens to them, and can offer me any suggestions of similar sounding bands, please enlighten me.

Most of these bands are on a local digitally-based record label Rock Paper Records based out of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania run by Jay Tran, Logan Betz, and Sean Kunkle. Check them out at the website below.

Both D.B. Cooper Experience and Minshara will be playing at Joe Squared Station North in Baltimore, Maryland tomorrow night Wednesday, June 27. Minshara will also be playing in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania this coming Saturday, June 30 at the Abbey Bar at Appalachian Brewing Company on Cameron Street. See of the band members for advance tickets and come early to see the other bands including one other PA-based band, Crobot, I will blog about on an upcoming post!


Coal Town Rounders: |

Strange Fur:!/artists/strange-fur/ |

Minshara:!/artists/minshara/ | | @minsharamusic

D.B. Cooper Experience: | @DBCooperExp

Rock Paper Records: | @RckPprRcrds